Upcoming shows:

Wed 30 May 2018 – Supporting Thee Dagger Debs, The Washington, Sheffield

Previous shows:

Fri 30th March 2018  at The Washington, Sheffield, with Joey Mojito & Chicken Hearts 

Fri 13th November at Maida Vale, Sheffield

17th July 2015 at The Washington, Sheffield

Washy_poster_ July_2015

29th January 2015 – (As part of Psych-Out night) The Washington, Sheffield

29th November 2014 – The Rocking Chair, Sheffield


The Rocking Chair, 29/11/14

11th September 2014 – The Washington, Sheffield

25th April 2014 – DAda Bar, Trippet Lane Sheffield

13th June 2014 – The Bell Jar, London Rd, Sheffield

11th July 2014 – DAda Bar, Trippet Lane, Sheffield

23rd August 2014 – Edge of the Sea Festival, Concorde 2,  Brighton


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